Tepco Additional Compensation for Fukushima Voluntary Evacuees

Tepco Additional Compensation for Fukushima Voluntary Evacuees Press Release (Dec 05,2012) Additional Compensation for the Voluntary Evacuees  (hereinafter referred to as “the accident”). We are currently in the process of providing compensation for losses due to voluntary evacuation to those afflicted by the accident in accordance with the “Supplement of … Continue reading

Researchers On Alert To Find Dangerous Mutated Viruses

Researchers On Alert To Find Dangerous Mutated Viruses SAN FRANCISCO — There is a new flu virus on the east coast that is attacking seals and sea lions. This virus — called H3N8 — was discovered after taking blood specimens from about two hundred seals on the east coast. Researchers … Continue reading

Mutant Black Eyed Susan Flower

A #mutation is an accidental change in an #organism’s heredity #genetics. Mutations occur in plants as well as animals. Mutations are often difficult to discover and verify. Sometimes they are easy to see. I discovered the black-eyed Susan flowers pictured here on Oct. 31. I do not know whether the … Continue reading

Fukushima worst confirmed, radiated children need evacuation

Evidence has been released Friday showing new radiation is leaking at Fukushima’s nuclear power plant as its operator #TEPCO disclosed more video recordings of its in-house teleconferences in the early phase of the 2011 catastrophe, showing employees’ tense communications before radioactive water was released into the sea. The UN calling … Continue reading

Radioactivity Continues in Fukushima

Tokyo, Dec 5 –   A study carried out by specialists in 58 Japanese cities of seven prefectures, determined that of about 100,000 homes affected by that event, only 18,000 have been decontaminated, according to a report by NHK television. The report explains that the decontamination of open access areas, … Continue reading

Mutant Sweet Potatoes

We have been getting some photos from Japan of giant sweet potatoes! These are truly Mutant Sweet Potatoes.

Mutant Pineapples

Starting to get some photos in from the islands of Hawaii of various tropical fruits such as: pineapples, kiwis, limes, etc…

Mutant Butterflies

At least one species – the pale grass blue butterfly – has been found to be vulnerable to such radiation exposure.

Fukishima News

While western media has completely blacked out all news regarding the Fukishima Nuclear Power Facility.
Seems the media and government has been avoiding the current situation with the fallout from the Fukishima disaster in Japan after the earthquake. Now that we have gotten into our first cycle of farming since the disaster, we now know that the fallout was much greater than was told to the public. All over the country (especially the West Coast) we are getting images of mutant vegetables, fruits, fish, mammals, and other living organisms . Also tons of emails with stories of even more mutant flowers and other fauna. Please feel free to comment with your stories, and send any photos to photos@mutantcorn.org.