Fukushima News

While western media has completely blacked out all news regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Power Facility. There still is news coming out of various foreign news channels.


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(Google translator from Japanese) Shizuokahoso. To the final disposal site entrance provisional completion Shimada, resume carrying fly ash (2012/11/20) http://www.at-s.com/news/detail/474543353.html
19, for entrance interim we are installing waste disposal site general landowners are blocked with a rope doorway (Sakamoto, city, date of hot water) on the west side of the is completed, Shimada is ash from the 20th I announced to resume loading of (fly ash).
Loading of ash to landfill is the first time in about 40 days. In addition to the household waste incineration ash, ash is also expected to be included in the earthquake rubble that was accepted to carry.
Towards the reconstruction as soon as possible of the affected areas relief. Interfere with garbage disposal “mayor Katsuro Sakurai had worry and annoyance to the public has been (and). Going forward, the processing acceptance of disaster waste I made a comment such as “want to advance quietly.
Involved in earthquake rubble acceptance, over the same disposal site, remain can not renew the contract between the city authorities and six landowners, including the land of regular doorway. Leased and slope as a means of emergency from October 29, the city was making provisional entrance.

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