Japanese Aluminum is Mixed with Radioactive Aluminum from Recycled Cans

Japanese Aluminum is Mixed with Radioactive Aluminum from Recycled Cans from Fukushima

Also affect the shift in product export processing bases in central and western Japan in the radioactive contamination also harm

Radioactivity due to the Fukushima nuclear accident problem, but are beginning to be close-up as a factor of general stagnation logistics products from renewable resources. For export, such as thin wires made of copper and aluminum, the cost factor for the problem of testing the reference value of the amount of international radiation tangled appearance. Movement as a new shift of production bases to Kansai and Chubu region to avoid contamination have begun to surface in terms of production. In response to this, we also present a dramatic change in distribution of western Japan East In-sided raw material products, industry wholesaler raw material that is in the range of the East that may be contaminated, substantial amount of work that falls to ensure have emerged in the form of damage from spreading such. Radioactivity problem has cast a dark shadow on the entire industry in the form of stagnation of logistics that are linked to raw materials from scrap copper wire stainless steel products, copper and copper alloy products, aluminum die-casting and product-related, up EAF product.

“Industry” aluminum 
alloy manufacturers from some of the secondary aluminum ingots playing serious problems such as the following have surfaced. Some corporation with a plant close to the nuclear power plant, which manufactures the two alloy ingots by melting aluminum cans, shows a number slightly higher radioactivity dose of aluminum cans which had been in stock.You were dissolved as a stock for this purpose been driven to the situation that you must dilute the radioactivity to obtain a new aluminum cans that are not contaminated for numbers greater than or equal to regulations as appear to the product, suppress the number are. In order to avoid the influx of cash over the regulated value and prove the soundness of aluminum scrap to get a new, for yards acceptance Sako capital investment and ensuring personnel inspection and installation of gate monitor, to the cost factor up a new if it were is the reality. Has spread to all industries was not necessary facilities of the gate monitor ever aluminum, and copper, wire or the like, this flow, the problem of radioactivity as harm is far from being harmful rumor industry is renewable resource industries of various I have spread.

In addition, aluminum die-casting industry has begun to be a new movement of the workpiece with respect to logistics.For tasks that flow to type using the raw materials that may be contaminated, many direction to shift the manufacturing process in the region West central and no fear of pollution, serious a decrease in the absolute amount of logistics market East as a result current situation is that they are starting out damage as well. Although the current situation but ahead of full-scale operation of automobile manufacturers is expected to come in here, the absolute amount of the amount of work that is still at a low level Haritsui completely under the unstable supply of parts and breakdown by process . Industry would be forced to introduce a pair of radioactivity as well as testing equipment for aluminum deoxidation.

“Thin copper wire” 
for radiation damage of the raw material itself, a clear form of regulation in a manner that exceeds the value does not seem so far out. However, exports 
for the product, you will need to clear international standards, it is likely to be forced to the introduction of new capital investment, such as testing equipment at the stage of product exports. But the problem of radioactive scrap material copper alloy, copper, you have not become a problem at the moment, the problem of the influx of materials recycled from local radioactive contamination is not only inevitable, by the pace of reconstruction in the future, testing equipment ever also non-ferrous metal raw material industry wholesalers that did not border on, it is likely to be another problem eliminate the introduction of equipment versus radiation detection equipment such as Geiger counters.By region segmentation problem brought radioactivity will advance to ensure, ahead of the summer to monsoon changes, the problem is the possibility of contamination even for cash inflow (Yamagata, Akita direction) from the northeastern district so I’m facing a situation that must be considered.

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