White deer looking animal found in Hyogo, Japan

There have been many reports of white #mutant animals in Japan since the earthquake and subsequent #Fukushima #Nuclear #Disatster 

White Albino Mutant Goat Deer

In the mountains of Tatsuno, Hyogo, found #white animals. 
White animals, but also looks like a goat, like the angle you look well and grows. 
In the mountains of Hyogo Prefecture, discovered a white lump that rises in the vegetation. 
I thought Masahiro Fujiki living in Tatsuno, Hyogo taken this picture and I have caught in a white cloth. “If you look a little, because it was deer white, I was surprised. (Deer white) because I hear or messenger of God , I said, “I hope if there is a good thing. 
That’s wild deer inhabit, but many on this mountain, and if that very rare white deer.

Original post with video of the mutant animal http://www.fnn-news.com/news/headlines/articles/CONN00236464.html

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