Baby boy born without arms in Washington State

Baby boy born without arms in Washington State

A Spokane couple is looking for help to give their baby boy prosthetics.

Jameson is a miracle to the Davis family. After two miscarriages, Brooke and Jim Davis were thrilled to find out they were pregnant with Jameson in 2011.

However, at their 20 week ultrasound it was clear that something wasn’t right with the Davis’ baby.

“I could see his face. His kicking heart was great and at the end they told us that there was something wrong with our baby. They couldn’t really elaborate on it, so that was tough,” Brooke said.

Additional ultrasounds revealed Jameson did not have arms. Doctors still can’t seem to explain why Jameson was born without arms and they are afraid they may never be able to.

“They warned us he may not survive, but when he was born he came out screaming. He was pink as can be. Everyone was like ‘he was adorable,'” Brooke said.

Just as Jameson is beginning to teeth, he is also beginning to get frustrated that he can’t crawl and hold a bottle. That is why Jameson’s parents are now trying to raise money to buy him prosthetics.

“He’s trying to grasp things. He wants to hold the pacifier to his mouth. He wants to hold the teather,” Jim said.

The Davis’ are heading to Portland at the end of the month to get Jameson fitted for prosthetic arms. However, insurance will only cover 44 percent of the cost for the arms. The family will need $13,000 to cover the rest.

“The prosthetics will allow him to crawl and they will have interchangeable hands so one will be cosmetic, one will be for crawling and one will be for grasping,” Brooke said.

Doctors expect Jameson will need new prosthetics every 18 months. Friends and family came together Saturday morning to raise money over pancakes and coffee.

“We love him and we want to do everything we can,” Brooke said.

Jim and Brooke need $5,000 dollars in the next two weeks as a down payment and then they will need to come up with another $8,000 by the end of the year.

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